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Sunday, March 25, 2012

A world away from Doc Martin...

IF it’s true that the hit TV series “Doc Martin” outscored the summer cricket on Canberra TV, British actor Martin Clunes is flattered, for as he says, “nothing moves Australia like cricket.”

And he knows what he’s talking about, for he’s been here many times. He’s even been to Canberra, just before the Olympics, with the documentary series, “Men Down Under”, and claims to have interviewed a female rower by the lake.

I’m talking to Clunes by phone at his Dorset farm in England, far from any theatres and TV stations and 177kms away from the village of Port Isaac, where “Doc Martin” is filmed.

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  1. I love the show ! We in Cypress Texas USA have weekly discussions about the going in Portween and our latest is what is the baby's name?????
    Gail Norris

  2. Does Martin Clunes have trouble memorizing his lines? In the last episode (May 3, 2012), he calls Mr. Coley 'Mr. Bunsen' and 'Mr. Munsen'. In a previous episode, he called the patient with arsenic poisoning by the wrong name at least twice (he never called her by her correct name). I enjoyed seeing the actor who plays Al Large in the production of The Hatfields and McCoys.

  3. No, it's done to illustrate that he really doesn't try to remember who people are.