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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Where in the world is Mark Mylow....?

Have you ever wonder what happened to PC Mylow? Find out in this exclusive interview with Stewart Wright, posted on the Doc Martin Online website. Find out about how Stewart got the role in Doc Martin, his thoughts on the character and just where he thinks Mark Mylow might be now and if he could ever return to Portwenn.



  1. Karen ( 22, 2012 at 9:06 AM

    Thank you! I finally decided to search the net to find out what happened to the character. Such a good guy, and the story line with the con woman left me wanting to know if his life would improve. Did I miss an episode that covered his leaving Portwenn?

  2. In season 3 they talk about his being on his honeymoon alone, then having changed careers and being a plumber in Poland

  3. Bring him back as the new town plumber.

    1. Yes, that's brilliant, they need a new plumber in Portwen!

  4. I enjoyed Stewart Wright as PC Mylon, sorry that he was replaced, his replacement can be a little annoying, boring, sort of like an unfunny Barney Fice from Andy Griffith

  5. I love Stewart Wright as PC Mark Mylow on Doc Martin and miss him. Please bring him BACK. I watch Doc Martin over and over and over on netflix and love it. I am waiting for the new series this fall, 2015 and hope Mark Mylow is in it.

  6. Barney fire...annoying? He was the best