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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Inside Information from SR....

So did SimplyRed really have dinner with Caroline Catz? We'll get to that. First here is SimplyRed's synopsis of the filming she saw while pounding the pavement in Port Isaac.

Wednesday 8th

Filming inside and outside the Portwenn Pharmacy
Director is Paul Seed; Ben Bolt is back at base editing eps 1-4

The Doc is walking past the Portwenn Fisheries, Mrs Tishell comes running after him, (MC omitting the “run baby run,” shouts from rehearsal!!). He increases speed but she catches him up and they have a conversation. It looks like she’s delivered some news that he doesn’t want to hear. The Doc strides off and she is left gazing after him with that familiar longing look, but a bit worried at the same time.

Filmed later in the day. The Doc goes into the pharmacy where the cat lady from earlier is; shortly after his mother-in-law enters wheeling the baby in a buggy; the Doc storms out a few minutes later and goes off towards the surgery carrying a package.

Thursday 9th

On the shore. Louisa’s mum waves to a fisherman in a boat offshore; the fisherman falls in and has to be rescued by another who swims out. The Doc comes running and administers CPR. He makes a phone call and Louisa comes running from the surgery, carrying the baby and passes him a small piece of equipment. Louisa stands with her mother and watches; the Doc leaves and the fisherman is put into an ambulance. Louisa and her mum are still on the beach.

It took all morning to film the falling in and the rescue (with some of the crew in waders standing in the sea) and all afternoon (until 7:00pm), to film the Doc arriving and giving CPR.

Friday 10th am

Again on the shore. A fisherman greets Louisa’s mum as an old friend but collapses as he walks towards her; the Doc comes running and applies treatment.

Moral: Louisa’s mum is bad news.

And about that dinner...

Well. there I was, lovely relaxing day pottering round, bit of walking and decided to treat myself to a nice dinner, just perusing the extensive wine list when.... oops sorry, doorbell's just rung - back in a minute... walked Ian McNiece and made his way over to a table in the corner, passing the table next to mine whereupon the rather attractive lady at the next table jumped up and gave him a big hug. Caroline Catz (for it was she), was dining there with her parents - so the people who were dining with IMcN told me the next day. They were from Seattle and big IMcN and DM fans who had contacted IMcN and invited him to dinner - and he'd accepted. They had also chatted several times to Louise Jamieson - not realising that she was involved in the filming.

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