That grumpy bugger - Doc Martin - is back for a fifth series in 2011. The story picks up after the birth of Martin and Louisa's son. Will Martin return to his post as Portwenn's GP? Will fatherhood help the Doc to mellow? Will he and Louisa play happy families? Of course not! The road to happiness will no doubt be fraught with an array of delightfully entertaining challenges.

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Friday, April 13, 2012

LA Times Article...

"Doc Martin," the globally popular British series about an antisocial big-city surgeon working as a general practitioner among boundary-disrespecting neighbors in a Cornwall fishing village, has just begun its fifth season. Over the last couple of years it has become a staple feature of American public broadcasting -- the second episode of the new season premieres locally tonight on KCET -- and has been widely available online, offered free to subscribers of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus. Acorn Media, which has released the previous four seasons on DVD, will add the fifth in June.

Martin Clunes (whose "William and Mary," an earlier series in which he plays a cuddly undertaker, has also become a PBS favorite) stars as Martin Ellingham, the eponymous doctor. Caroline Catz is Louisa, the teacher he inarticulately loves, nearly marries and, at the close of Season 4, has a child with. This year also sees the arrival of the great Eileen Atkins ("Cold Comfort Farm," "Cranford" and a co-creator of "Upstairs Downstairs") as Martin's Aunt Ruth, a psychiatrist who shares his dry, logical, suffer-no-fool-gladly temperament.

I spoke with Clunes recently, by phone to his home in England. He is clearly a different man from the one he currently plays on television. You should imagine hearty laughter coloring his responses below.

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  1. So happy to know that I can purchase season
    5 of Doc Martin in America....such a
    wonderful show....we have Doc Martin parties
    where 2 of my friends and I watch several
    epesoides of the Doc..we can not get enough of
    the Doc...
    On another subject..why can't we get season
    3 of William and Mary in that
    series also..watching it on You Tube...
    Stay well..and keep up the good work....

  2. I can't seem to find our how to stream Doc Martin season 5 in the US?

  3. I love William and Mary too you know, the parts I've seen. MC is such a good actor. I had never heard of him before seeing DM. So now I try to read everything about him. He was talking on DAYBREAK about American fans, he said they are great. He said British fans just want a signed picture, but like the above comment, he said he liked the fact the Americans have DM parties.