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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Vanishing Act...

Oh dear! It seems Series 5 episodes have been removed from YouTube. Someone's not impressed. If you're after a repeat prescription of an episode, try HERE.

Thanks to all the Digital Spies keeping up our supplies with their hints and tips.


  1. Yeah, I just discovered that all reliable sources have removed episodes from youtube.

    Is it big brother or what?

  2. Where can I see the Series 5 episodes?

  3. Doc Martin Series 5 can be viewed on Vision TV, Canada - Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m.

    I am looking forward to the release of the DVD, I was disappointed that it was removed from YouTube.



  4. I was worried that was gonna happen! So glad it was up as long as it was!

  5. Just happened a day or so ago. I watched series 5 up through Episode 3 on Saturday and Sunday nights and now it is all gone. Did someone clobber youtube? Season 5 is just as gripping, and funny as past seasons.

  6. ALL of the broadcasted Doc Martin material is copyrighted and is the intellectual property of the copyright owner(s). If the copyright owner (ITV, Buffalo Productions, or whoever) complains, YouTube must either remove the posts, or contact the person who posted them and demand they be removed. YouTube can also go searching for posts under the name "Doc Martin" and easily find these copyrighted items to delete them.

    It all goes to show that if we are lucky enough to be able to watch episodes on YouTube, we should download and save the video clips IMMEDIATELY. Those who use the Firefox browser have access to an add-on, DownloadHelper, that makes it EASY. Once you have it on your own computer you can watch at will. I downloaded the Season Five episodes the first day they were available, converted the computer files to DVDs, and now can watch all of Doc Martin Season Five on my television, any time I want.

    Meanwhile another YouTube user is uploading entire episodes of Doc Martin, and has already posted a couple from Season Five. That user's name is DocEllingham but unfortunately he also titles his posts as "Doc Martin" so YouTube or ITV or Buffalo Productions can easily find them when they go looking, and demand that YouTube remove them.

    Also...the message at the beginning of this thread says, "If you're after a repeat prescription of an episode, try HERE. That HERE is apparently supposed to be an active link, but it's we don't know what HERE is
    supposed to refer to.

    The entire Season Five is still available on several of the "pirate" sharing sites. It is almost as easy to download from them (you have to make sure you aren't downloading a commercial message!).

  7. Clunes said in the Montreal Gazette that there would probably be a season 6. Yeah!

  8. I'm HOOKED on Doc Martin and Port Wenn! I live in the US and hope I don't have to make a trip to Canada and ensure that I am there on a Wednesday just so I can catch some episodes in season 5. HELP!!!!!

  9. Does anyone know what date series 5 will begin in USA in 2012?