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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Series 5 DVD Cover Art...

Below is the DVD cover art for Series 5, as featured on Amazon UK.

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  1. Great website! I loved the final episode the ending was perfect. Do you happen to know where the little castle/folly is that they filmed the final scenes?
    Thank you :)

  2. Doyden House!
    Many people dream of living in castle, high up on the cliffs, regally surveying the ocean of stepping out through Gothic archways onto the springy turf and looking down from their citadel onto the valley below. Happily, the National Trust has made this dream a possibility and Doyden Castle is about as close to a dream destination as you could imagine. In fact, despite its crenulated tower and arched windows, this building is neither a true castle nor a folly. It was built in about 1830 as a kind of pleasure house by an infamous and wealthy bon-viveur from Wadebridge called Samuel Symons. Here he would entertain his friends to nights of feasting, drinking and gambling (the ample wine-bins in the cellar survive to this day). Its chequered history only adds to the dramatic experience of staying in this little fortress on the edge of the cliffs.

  3. I cannot get that link for episode 8 to work. Will episode 8 appear here on this blog at some time? Do you have any idea when? Sorry to be impatient, but what a week--the Final episode!--for the YouTube site to be slow?!@#$

  4. This was a perfect ending. Could really not have been written any better. And they lived happily ever after if it were.....

    I would love to see a 6th series and see what happens but if there is not, I would be content....too perfect of an ending I am afraid!

    From the USA - this has been a great series!

  5. what has happened to episode 4 series 5? on vision tv

  6. Series 5 is now available for preorder at No release date yet.

    1. My husband and I are from Miami, Florida...and instead of enjoying the cool evenings we are finally having, we are glued to the TV watching Doc Martin. It is so much fun to watch...we cannot wait for series 5 to come out. What great actors and what a beautiful place. We are definitely going to visit.