That grumpy bugger - Doc Martin - is back for a fifth series in 2011. The story picks up after the birth of Martin and Louisa's son. Will Martin return to his post as Portwenn's GP? Will fatherhood help the Doc to mellow? Will he and Louisa play happy families? Of course not! The road to happiness will no doubt be fraught with an array of delightfully entertaining challenges.

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Episode Three on YouTube...

Better late than never right? Here is Episode 3 - Boho with a Shotgun.

Don't forget to check out the other great Doc Martin videos on MClunes123's YouTube Channel and Louisa Glasson's YouTube Channel.


  1. And hardly late at all, actually! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!

    For those of us in the USA who are subject to the whims of local PBS stations as to whether they will carry Doc Martin or not, your efforts are very much appreciated. I hope there's a reward in it someplace for you!

  2. I am a great fan and its hard to wait for Series 5 to come our way. We have "Doc Martin " parties where we get together with other couples here in the U.S. and watch them together---what fun! So now we are watching some of the future episodes on You Tube which is not the same. When will we see them in the U.S.? Can't be soon enough

  3. After watching the early runs of Series 5, I just don't see how they are going to last as a couple. They are more uncomfortable with each other more than ever. Like two strangers on a bus.
    Of course, the shows driving force of writers and Phillipa Braithwaite do not want the couple to survive- so the tension is mounting for the final break off.
    Too bad... I hate investing in shows that leave me disappointed and without resolution and of course some happieness thrown in.
    I don't think I will continue watching.
    Doc is getting meaner and I think that is not reality. Most people fall so in love with their children that is changes them into gentler people. Not happy with the writing for season 5! No longer a fan..sorry to say.

  4. I too am frustrated with Series 5 thus far – I get that LG is facing the reality of primary caregiver, and that DM is disappointed by the delay in moving back to his surgical interests, but any warmth between these two seems to all but evaporated. The baby’s presence certainly provides for plenty of tension, but both parents seem to have only indifference toward to each other, except for a few fleeting glances. Where is Pauline’s confident teasing, Aunt Joan’s subtle scolding and Roger’s masculine sounding board to smooth the rough edges? The village seems awfully empty with their departures. I’m loving Aunt Ruth and have hope that her presence will supply DM with the intellectual questioning necessary for self-examination. It appears that Al’s intellect has been highlighted, so perhaps the voices of reason that appear lost will manifest themselves again. I’m more concerned for LG who seems adrift with only her loony mother as her confidant. Some of the baby’s cuter moments have been when DM has the duty, so despite his gruffness, he is pitching in. While much of LG’s nesting frustration is warranted, her sarcasm is completely lost on the doc. At this rate she’ll need to resort to some wily manipulation techniques if she hopes to achieve her ultimate goals. As a devoted DM junkie I am willing to hang in as long as episodes keep coming, but one tender moment per series just feels like a starvation diet – I can’t imagine that the doc would approve.