That grumpy bugger - Doc Martin - is back for a fifth series in 2011. The story picks up after the birth of Martin and Louisa's son. Will Martin return to his post as Portwenn's GP? Will fatherhood help the Doc to mellow? Will he and Louisa play happy families? Of course not! The road to happiness will no doubt be fraught with an array of delightfully entertaining challenges.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Episode Seven Photos...

A couple of little photos from Episode Seven, taken from the Simply Television Blog.


  1. Episode 6 was very sad at the end. The Doc's been good to Louisa and the baby, but Louisa is so angry with the Doc...just the sight of him makes her combative. It seems she's taken on too much with her job...and maybe has some post-partum depresssion. It's weird..her concept of being a "kept" woman. Can this be resolved happily in the next 2 episodes?? I hope so!

  2. Casa de Corbin - Beacon Hill FLOctober 22, 2011 at 10:30 AM

    Doc looked soooo miserable - so well played that the image just lingers in my brain - must keep chanting "Doc Martin is a fictional person" until next week - LOL - LG's security & self-worth are tied to her job - unstable dad makes working critical for her - DM not placing high priority on her teaching/admin achievements, so we feel the rub. (although we secretly cheer his snide remarks to the unruly children) Still, isn't it LG's turn to grovel - I'd hate to see the doc beg to have her back when I agree he's been a decent partner/dad thus far, all stresses considered. I even forgive the brilliant white paint selection - at least he had the darn London flat painted for our house I call that base coat!!!

  3. I agree with the two previous comments. Doc M has been a pretty good help in caring for the baby. Even in his so-called "high-handedness" he checked her diary. I think Louisa could have handled the situation better by calmly explaining that while it was great that he chose the date most women like to be consulted beforehand when decisions are to be made. The stress of going back to work (you could see she hated to leave the baby) and perhaps some post partum depression might well account for her snappiness. They also need a RELIABLE baby sitter. So many of us hope for a happy ending.