That grumpy bugger - Doc Martin - is back for a fifth series in 2011. The story picks up after the birth of Martin and Louisa's son. Will Martin return to his post as Portwenn's GP? Will fatherhood help the Doc to mellow? Will he and Louisa play happy families? Of course not! The road to happiness will no doubt be fraught with an array of delightfully entertaining challenges.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Series Five Promo Photos

Some excellent promotional photos for Season 5 have surfaced. These ones were found on the Simply Television Blog here and here. A whole lot more can be found on the site!

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  1. Why are they dressing Louisa in an unflattering, old fashioned dress with huge flowers on it?
    She certainly didn't dress like that before.

  2. Why are they dressing Louisa in a baggy unflattering old sweater? She is beautiful in her dress and sweater - as she often is dressed.

  3. No matter what she wears, Louisa always looks classy,