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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Unsilencing the Lamb...(Possible Spoilers)

Our man on the street, Lambs, has been in Port Isaac keeping an eye on things for us. Here's his progress report. (Photos to follow).

On Tuesday morning (24th) we walked down Middle street from the cottage to find that the Plat had a large marquee in place complete with table and chairs, plus there was a Punch and Judy theatre and a couple of other stalls. Most prominent however was a wooden structure with a sign at the top 'Port Wenn Fun Run' and a smaller sign attached underneath 'Finish' (from the other side - harbour side - that sign read 'Start').

Obviously we thought that they would be filming there, but that turned out to be wrong. They had been filming there on the day before we arrived at PI (i.e. they'd been filming there on the 19th), but it's purpose when we saw it was simply as a large 'prop' for the purpose of continuity. That is, they were filming in places elsewhere in PI where the Plat was 'in shot' and so it had to look like the fun run was still in progress, or etc etc.....(hope that makes sense).

Anyway, it quickly became obvious that filming was taking place up at DM's house, so we headed in that direction......only to be stopped by crowd control right at the bottom of the hill. It turned out that with most of the filming we were kept well away from the 'action' and it was impossible to hear what the actors were saying. Occasionally they'd allow groups through during breaks in filming, but even when you got to the top, you still couldn't see (or hear) much. There was one exception, which I'll get to

Scene 1 - DM's house. LG is coming out the front door pushing the pram. She appears to be having trouble with the pram, plus it seems she is having an animated discussion/conversation with someone we can't see. [Comment - we only came in on this one at the very end of filming of this scene, but it became obvious that the person she was talking to is her mother]

Scene 2 - LG and her mother are walking side-by-side down the hill from DM's house toward the restaurant, with LG pushing the pram (more likely holding it back ). They are in animated discussion and it appears that LG is not particularly happy for some reason. They pause twice on the way down. The first time, LG is saying something to her mother. They then walk on a little further and LG's mother stops and searches for something an a bag she is carrying. LG says something to her and then continues on by herself. Her mother looks after her with something like confusion or perhaps consternation on her face, and then hurry's after LG. While all this is happening, the group of giggling girls can be seen walking up the hill behind them.

[Comment - For this scene LG was wearing Ugg boots for at least part of the filming although in scene 1 above she is wearing the familiar wedges (?? - that's what one lady nearby described them as).]

Scene 3 - DM's aunt (the new one....) walks up the couple of steps in front of DM's house. As she does, Buddy the dog comes past her and heads toward the front door. Although we couldn't quite see him, we can hear DM say (very angrily) " out !!!" (need I say more ). He is unsuccessful in keeping the dog out, but after that he walks toward one end of the front porch (??) carrying a black bag of rubbish in one hand and........wait for it........not yet...................the baby cradled in his other arm (cue: sighs). Obviously unhappy, he heads past his Aunt to a rubbish bin at the end of the porch (??) and his aunt follows. Having both hands full he can't open the rubbish bin, so he eventually passes the baby to his aunt, drops the rubbish in the bin, wipes his hands with a white handkerchief, takes the baby back from his aunt and then walks back toward the front which point he clearly says "...we're having fish !!" and his aunt follows him in with a look of consternation (or so it seemed).

[Comment: The most significant thing about this scene AFAIC is that it shows that DM is back in the surgery as early as least S5E4. They used the 'real' baby for final takes in the scene]

Scene 4 - Al and Bert are at the Restaurant with DM's aunt. She is having a conversation with Bert about something.

[Comment: not much can be said about this one as we could only watch from the beach.]

Scene 5 (this was the next day, 25th) - LG is having a meeting with her mother on the balcony at the Golden Lion pub. LG's mother is sitting down looking out over the harbour with glass of white wine (??). LG comes in through the doors behind her mother and then turns to face her. While LG is still standing, they have an animated conversation. LG appears unhappy and her mother seems to be imploring her about something (it's the look we can see on the mother's face....). LG eventually sits and the conversation continues, but then LG suddenly gets up as if to leave.....her mother says something, and LG slowly sits down again. As LG sits down, her mother pushes the glass of white wine toward LG. LG takes it and then bends down to drink from it - she doesn't lift it much at's almost a look of bowing to her mother.

[Comment: not much to say here really. It seems LG's mother is putting pressure on her daughter about we really need to guess ]

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  1. Thanks so much for the updates. Would love to get over there to see some filming, but alas! just not in the cards. Truly appreciate your site.