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Monday, January 2, 2012

Series Five Bloopers!

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  1. help, missed last weeks episode 1. What happened to martin's aunt, please?

  2. Aunty Jone had a heart attack while driving her truck. Her truck was found later as it had been driven into a tree or rock. At any rate, she had a heart attack and that fact was the reason behind the doc's speech at her wake.

  3. Too bad about Aunty Jane but we haven't seen this series-5 yet in America!!

  4. My husband and I just love this show. We first caught it on NetFlix and now have seen series 5 on Acorn.

    Don't stop making this series. Do not stop with only six. This program is to good. Hats off to the writers.

  5. I noticed a blooper in a Season 5 episode a couple of weeks ago. I apologize I can't remember which one it was. Doc switched the names of two patients. Mr. blah blah was the same throughout the show, a grumpy gentleman I believe, then a woman who appeared off and on both had medical issues. Near the end of the show, the male (lying on the ground) had the woman's last name, and the woman (in bed) had his last name. I played it back twice to be sure.

    1. It was season 5, episode three. In IMDB, under trivia, it mentions this transferring of the names as intentional. It reflects Doc Martin's poor bedside manner.

  6. I think I missed this past Tuesday's show 4/24/12. How can I view it now?

  7. Sadly series 5 was littered with people being called the wrong names, Morwenna's grandad and the school caretaker to name just 2. It's a shame this was not picked up in editing.

  8. I think the way aunty Joan's death was handled was really poor, I know in real life actors have other committments but for her to just disappear like that was bad. Even worse was a sister that had never been mentioned inheriting the farm that Martin bought and Aunty Joan's brother not attending her funeral - made for unbelievable TV. However, love the show and hope series 6 is better and not the last.