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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Episode Six Pictures...

Here's some photos from Episode Six, taken from the Simply Television Blog.

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  1. hey when did they get the new baby pram much easier to manuver throgh doors

  2. Please take time to read this please!!!!!!!
    In response to the article about DM being type-cast as the grumpy doctor. Playing this part has kept him from other pursuits. I am so not ready to discuss DM not continuing for several more seasons. I really don't care if Julie Graham liked his DM part. She had the sweet and kind William that she abused and was horrible to. She threw the heirloom engagement ring on the floors at him and walked off. She treated Martin like dirt. So I don't care about her critique.

    From DM fans the idea of ending DM is so disheartnig. DM has great ratings and the dynamics off the relationship of M & L has changed. They have entered into geriatiric parenthood very well. DM has taken on his role as father so naturally and he loves Louisa and their baby. I think We have a softer side of Dr Ellingham? I think they do need to move to London for a while Series 6. They have never had time as a couple to bond. They have been constantly interrupted. DM is kind to L and the baby. Are we to expect real affection. They do sleep together. I still cry at the end of series 4 when she is screaming for him to get out and then he comes in and says "I was wrong about you and the baby" Luisa is just getting used to his digression into possible clinical problems and says Martin shut-up. He is starting to take her hints. I think when she starts sleeping better she will see how he has changed.

    Doc can be grumpy Doc and still have tenderness with Louisa and John henry, SO NO MORE talk about canceling the series. Martin you said you would do the part for as long as they want
    You. So The new kinder Doc has his little boy he can spoil and be excited over his butterflies. A mother that is loving and kind to his Son all he never had from his mother. Doc Martin needs to stay around till this Bellingham curse is Bellingham happiness despite the aweful parenting Martin and Lousa had. I can't wait till DM tells ELEANOR TO PUT THE CIGARETTE OUT AROUND THE BABY !!! SO WRITERS-------DM is softer with Loiusa and the baby let the happier DM out. Let Lousa love her baby ond love Martln the end

    Elizabeth Read,
    (Doc Martin fan, Luisa and the new Baby fan )

  3. Your comment is so wonderful! I totally concur with everything that you have said. This series has such potential and I don't think that many people, including myself, would be happy if it ended. The writers, Martin C, and Caroline C. have found a fabulous formula for a successful show depicting the journey of a brilliant character who has a challenging personality. Why sabotage a good thing? These are brilliant and formidable actors and characters. It would be great if they showed how DM and Louisa did make their relationship work and even with a baby and maybe with even more children. We have enough shows that demonstrate disturbing relationships. The potential and growth for this series are enormous. So, think twice about any thought of ending it. You "serendipitously" found a gem. I hope that you will continue to nurture it.